Arpit Gupta

Product + Innovation Leader


I've also built some of my own apps and tools along the way in e-commerce, music-tech, and using emerging tech like AI, IoT, and AR.

  • EntertainAR— AR merch experience for artists and venues at SXSW '17, collab with Madame Gandhi

  • Gyftista— e-commerce discovery engine to curate gifts for friends and family

  • Hop— e-commerce to ship home office perks to your employees

  • Bcc Me— email introductions and personal CRM

  • DJGuru— web app tool for learning how to DJ

  • MeMe— voice-activated smart device to combat isolation for people living with early cognition challenges

  • Fiksu 5K - Organized a 5K race for 75 people at a startup where I worked

  • World Series 2015 audience predictor for live & TV viewership

About me

I'm Arpit, a product leader within the digital payments team at Bank of America. Previously, I led mobile apps & Augmented Reality at Wayfair.

For the last 13 years, I've built and led successful products across ad-tech, healthcare, insurtech, fintech/banking, consumer, e-commerce, P2P, and the future of physical + digital retail.

I live in Sausalito with my wife. I enjoy exploring new food, wine, and culture, building consumer products with emerging tech, international film, and road trips!